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Google+ attention Admitted in 2013

In 2013, reportedly Google+ will dominate all social media sites in the world .  Google+ launched for the first time in 2011, ie before the panda and penguin out of the cage. At that Google+ only to the extent that social media is not so popular. Compared to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ still far less.

Well, over the times, on 21 September 2012, Google via Google Webmaster said about spending Authorship. Actually not so new, since before that there are some sites that have them. But here's the point of climax in which Google+ bloggers started a top priority .

Facebook Vs. Google
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Different views are more eye-catching in the Google SERP make bloggers vying for Google Authorship recognition. Not only that. In the next month introduce Google+ hangout video chat facility as well as to communicate over long distances between Google+ users.

Meanwhile, Google continues to shooting the other features that make Google+ users feel at home with this.This site that one, too, who makes Google+ in recent years became dominant among other social media sites.

So, what is the reason I say Google+ an especial concern in 2013?

In 2012 we all know the major Google Panda Algorithm Update issued and Pinguin. The new algorithms are slashing all waste sites that are not qualified, and which uses techniques naughty. Well, in 2013, a senior Google+ dubbed the big G in the past stated,
If you want to play ball, try join our team
Bottom line, if you are an internet marketer, online business, or the like .. And now need something to promote your site or product in the face of real competition, since the referee panda penguin was given a red card in the team of cheating, Google+ is a solution.

Any company would want a product sold, and the profits gained too great. Together Google+, a company can explore all of its customers either through post, chat, and video hangout. Google+ Plus display is user-friendly.

Although sites such as Facebook also provides features such as I mentioned above, Google still ahead in position considering that in 2013 Google will give value on sites that have a separate rank in Google Authorship.

From The Editors Desk

I myself is still using Google+ just as a means of posting blog articles. Nothing more. Existing facilities such as chat, video hangout I had not maximized its use.


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