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Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks are links that lead to our website from another site. In other words, a backlink is a link that will link to improve your position in Google SERP. Total backlinks a site is the popularity of the site. Why are backlinks important? As I wrote above, backlink gives strength to compete in Google SERP position. The next level will strengthen your keywords in your blog. Furthermore, the popularity of the site or the site will determine the value of popuparitas important site on the search results page position in the case of search engines, Google and if the website is more popular then the value of Google's PageRank it will ever rise or increased. So obviously when backlinks are important factors that determine the Google PageRank.

The Importance Of Backlinks

Here's The Importance of Backlinks

Why do we have to learn about backlinks?

I myself also puzzled why so? As if we were reading articles, certainly we ask "What is beneficial article I read this?" How about the following question "What is with all the backlinks definitely increase your website's PageRank?" If I said it is not certain and depends of many factors. There are several things to be the quality of the evaluation google backlink. I would not be proud if this blog has a lot of backlinks for hundreds even thousands of backlinks (if there are). Why? I prefer a quality backlink. Quality backlinks is how? Let equate perception with reference to Google.

How quality backlinks according to Google

Search engine Google consider the contents of the site to determine the quality of a link. Incoming links that we have derived from other sites with similar content or communicate with our site signifies your quality incoming links. When incoming links from sites that do not correspond at all with the site we then consider the relevance of search engines. The greater the relevance of incoming links, the greater quality in the eyes of search engine Google. For example, if there is a site with a theme of Blog Tutorial receive a backlink from a site with a theme Tips and Tricks Blogging the relationship quality and relevancy of the site are considered more relevant. But when the site is receiving incoming links from sites with themes Indonesian Cuisine Recipes or Technology Handphone uncertain relationship they're not relevant backlink. The more relevant sites that provide backlinks to our sites, the quality of the backlink. This struck me as a quality backlink with relevant themes and topics are similar or related to our site.

What the hell actually benefit backlink ?

In addition to useful backlink to raise popularity of the site in search engines, backlinks are also useful as an indicator or a way for visitors to visit our site. Path from where? Apart from search engines, of course people are coming from sites that provide direct backlink to our site.

How do I get backlinks

Variety of ways that we can do to get backlinks. For example with mensubmit site to web / blog directory . Submit your site to various social bookmarking . Leave comments on your site or blog that follow. As a reminder, comments on the blog Creating Website Nofollow . Do exchange links or link exchange with other blogs of course fixed by considering the theme or topic that is related and relevant and should exchange links with sites that are already indexed on google. Advertise with many free classifieds sites on the internet with a higher pagerank from our site.

How good way backlink placement

Backlinks are getting quality when placed in a strategic position. strategist But for whom? strategic course for the site will receive a backlink from our site. It's humbling, how it's possible we could find someone else when the backlinks are placed in a difficult place people search for? Many indicators point to our site, but guidance is located in the forest, how other people can find these instructions in the forest, it's hard is not it? Well, for a site with good navigation , of course this is not a problem. Backlink link with Natural placement, then what was it? Natural placement backlink backlink is inserted in the content or in the form of articles and sentences to natural impressed. Also, we suggest using a backlink form of text links banner link. Why? Google scans the text link or anchor link. Want more quality backlinks again? That is natural to do deep linking linking more focused on the page (web page) certain of the site. Usually this form of sentence recommendation or source of the article that we get.

Backlink Checker Tools

To check your blog web site backlinks is to use the services of a website backlink check the sites in the internet for free. One of them can use Backlink Watch . Backlink Watch has a high accuracy rate in diagnosing backlink on our site.

From The Editors Desk

Last so short description of backlink, actually still a lot of knowledge about backlinks can we learn to add insight. Like for instance the types of backlinks. However, because I also have just learned her birthday was still superficial knowledge about backlink. One thing is for sure, a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) should even really understand and appreciate the backlink is one of the important factors in determining Google PageRank .


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