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How to Choose a Good Blog Name

Names does not necessarily reflect a personality, but at least a rough idea we can when we read or hear a name. As well as a name for a blog, I've been told what's in a name, a quote from Shakespeare in Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes we make a blog without careful planning, just follow my friend. This will make us confused in choosing the name of the blog, this confusion is not unusual when we are going to create a blog. If you have the desire to make the well-known blog, start by selecting the name of a good blog. Immediately, the following are tips to you how to choose a good name for a blog:

How to Choose a Good Blog Name

Steps To Choose A Good Name For Your Blog

Name of the blog should be able to describe the overall blog

You can imagine, just by reading a line of words, the reader can understand what the blog is about. The biggest potential of people will visit the blog through search engines is to pay attention to the name of the blog is most relevant to the article looking for.

Make a catchy blog name

To make it easier to remember, make a short blog name is too long and do well. Blog name just one word or two words. If it's too long will be difficult to remember. Examples of cases you can see on some blogs that have been popular in Indonesia. They made the name of the blog is simple but very memorable.

Not too many spelling modifications

Note the letters, and the use of numerical notations unnecessary. Do not use a combination of letters and numbers confuse visitors to the blog. Maybe you've come across a bog with a name that no combination of letters, numbers, symbols or specific notations. Wow, very messy and not good for search engines like google. But it seems to me, not mean anything.

Blog name should be the same as the domain name

I met many domain names are very different blog blog name. It looks just trivial, but the name of the domain the same as the name of the blog will be very significant in search engine optimization. Blog name could be different with domains similar blog but still try and approach.

Blog name must be unique

For example, create a blog name as the movie title or controversial matters. I am sure this will be a unique appeal to certain visitors. Unique could also be the name of a funny or lurid and awful. It is up to it, essentially different from the others.

Insert keywords in the blog name into the keyword search your blog

These tips are very useful for blogs that target a specific market. Moreover, business blogs, then the insertion of keywords in the name of the blog is very important. The goal is bloggerheroe search your blog via search engine keywords that you are targeting specific.

Name of the blog and do not be too general nor too specific niche targeting

There are advantages and disadvantages when choosing a name that is too general. It is easy to find news content for your blog if your blog is to choose a general topic, but do not focus on a particular subject will not make visitors feel at home in your blog. Choosing a blog name with a more specific topic would be better, but it will be considered who is the target of the blog readers. Nor should your readers will actually only slightly because the topic is too narrow. You can use google trends to analyze blog name would you choose.

From The Editors Desk

Description above is just a suggestion, and probably many ways to choose a good blog name. How absolute is not necessarily so, and you can choose which one is suitable and appropriate to the type and character of your blog. If you have other opinions can be shared, I am very grateful. That's all this article, may be useful and happy blogging.


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