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11 Important Questions Before You Published Articles On Blog

As knowledgeable, man must go back and forth to open the post editor and do the editing in such cases. Grueling, inefficient, and sometimes make irritated. And ends lazy to edit it. As is the case mate, I have had similar things. Then I outsmart to make a checklist, list of things I need to do prior to publishing. Buddy was able to make it. List on the basis of the personal questions that had me lay the important points before releasing the blog article below:

Did I read the article after writing it?

As simple as the question, many people who do not read the back articles already written and publish it directly. Read the article first before reading other people is of great importance. We need to know that the article we wrote from the perspective of the reader. What arguments are already solid? Do the points you are missing? How to effect arrest? and so on. To view the whole article look like as he published, use our "Preview" or "Preview" in the post editor.

What the article is as complete as possible as expected?

If you want to get traffic / readers and backlinks as possible, make sure the complete article complete. After doing the first level of checking, check again whether man can add another point or other explanations that have not been in-cover. To complement the article, we can mengcover all readers need an explanation is required varies on several points. For example, if a man write a software review article, see if there are important points missing. For example, what about the system requirements, the CPU resource is needed, a negative effect, whether compatible with windows 7? etc.. People who find an article from a few sides tend to like and even going to use quality article such as a linked resource.

What I have been doing analysis related keywords?

Keyword is an important aspect that shows the relevance of a content, good for readers as well as search engines. Relevant keywords and keywords that are sought after are often used people. First, because people so easily understood the post. Second, to contribute to search engine optimization ( SEO ). Remember I am not talking about using keywords as much as possible (spamming), but the relevant keywords and much sought after. For example, if a man write articles about computer games, are harder to get traffic from readers who use the keyword "computer game" than those using the keyword "computer game". Although the first is a good term Philippine language and truth, not necessarily bring in massive traffic from Philippine.

What is the title of the post has been optimized in such a way?

Title is first and foremost a part of writing. Even more important than the substance of the article because if the title failed to attract the attention of readers, its contents arguably failed to prove what is expressed by the subtitles. Make sure the title has a strong relevance, provocative, and have emotional power, which can attract readers to see the contents of blog posts with high spirit.

What I have read again (again and again)?

I know at this point initial inquiries have been carried out. But this time focusing on the end result of writing (proofread). Prove once again that all items have been completed in such a way. Focus on grammar, spelling, sentence, paragraph, etc.. There is a trick that I used to test the post at this point: read the article from back to front ( is a bit weird : p), or read it with expression. Both will make a man focus on each of the words to make them easier to find if there are errors.

What I've linked to the post-post links long (internal linking)?

Linking links to other posts / long  ( internal linking )  is very useful for readers and search engine robots. The first, to help readers explore and get more references on a matter of messages in the archive old. The second, search engine robots can easily and efficiently perform crawling (Crawl) and understanding of the content and the content helps SEO efforts. Previously published articles, provide time to find posts / articles that are relevant for linking long.

What I've linked a link to a page / blog / website as a reference or credits?

This is often feared by many bloggers and webmasters. Link a link from the post is a very good thing. But many feel risih because there is fear in SEO or in credibility. What's more for the love, give source link is the case for most bloggers . But linking external link means a stunt professional, responsible, and enhance the credibility of the source, because it has a lot of references and learned a lot. In the case of SEO, link external link there is no danger of a link with true and accurate position. Thus can increase the visibility of a new article. 

If man makes posting and use of trusted references, mate need to link the outgoing links (outbound links) for posting this and enrich the content as a reference tool and form attributions (credits). Readers get more value from a reference-reference material are presented. There are many knowledge base that can be drawn from Wikipedia , for example to link to. Or there are also many references from other blogs are important and we can use as the references without having to "take" the whole article. Visitors will love the rich article references and put the credibility of the respect that was built by the author.  sure to use the right anchor text and descriptive . Avoid using poor anchor text like "click here", "click here", "go", etc.. 

Do I have to make sure all links are linked to true?

Sometimes because of a hurry, the url written one or no characters is less or advantage. For example when http://bloggers-hero.blogspot.com write, sometimes I write with http://bloggers-hero.blogspot.com confused, and this is a fatal error because the page is not available at the url. Also make sure all the links that link leads to the correct page.

What I need is enriched with posting pictures?

If "a picture worth more than a thousand words," why not try to use pictures to explain something? If that's the visitor will feel more aided by the picture while studying a tutorial, procedures, processes, etc., consider the use of pictures. Pictures sometimes more digestible than words. For example, if you can make the infographic, attach to the article, or at least not use screenshots from the process or tutorials to be conveyed.

Did I optimize permalink / url posting?

Some blogging platforms like WordPress allows you to edit permalink usernya, both in the name of the file (the rear) or the permalink structure (with url Rewrite), so the user can easily replace or modify a published post url without any hindrance. Yet on Blogger , url directly formed after posting published and can not be edited anymore . - Update, now dude can easily edit the url (permalink) posted by the presence of features Custom Permalink Blogger  (Url Editor). limited number of characters is still limited (listen completely account limitations and blogger platform ) [now much longer]. Note first that the title of the post url / permalink clean, descriptive, and contain the desired keywords. Read: Optimization Permalink Blogger . 

When should I publish / post blog articles?

While this is seen as less significant, publishing posts at any given time will influence the initial traffic after the article is published. The abundance of traffic on a new article will allow sharing by readers can be made in advance, so dishare content in social media and website / blog other still fresh. Buddy would not want masterpiece article which is made indirectly read by visitors and take a long time to reach the target audience. I used to publish an article in the day on 1 hour, afternoon, or night before at 9. Due to the many moments of the online and "roam" in social media. I tend to avoid publishing posts on big holidays, because the number of Internet visitors to decrease significantly. Maybe dude has time passes that must be studied and determined.


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